Cast, Crew & Contributors Updates – November 2016


F4YL - Brandon J. Woods with Ring Girls

Brandon J. Woods on set with ring girls


A lot’s been going on with Fight 4 Your Life over the past four months.  After some location setbacks and schedule conflicts that were out of our control, we were able to get on track with knocking out some major shoots over the course of August through October.  It was a lot of hard work, of course, but the end results are looking really NOICE!  Thanks again to all of our wonderfully dedicated cast, crew and contributors for making it happen.

As things sit, we are currently gearing up to complete the few remaining scenes we need that do not require our lead actor, Mr. Fleet Blackwood himself, Brandon J. Woods.  It was our goal over these last four months to finish everything that doesn’t involve Brandon so we can then just focus on getting him back for his final shoots, which will then be the final shoots of the film.  Brandon has been in continued communication with us from out on the east coast and is greatly looking forward to wrapping things up.  We’ll keep you all up to date with him and when we have confirmed his return.

In addition to casting for the remaining roles needed to shoot our final scenes without Brandon, we’re also casting for the final scenes we’ll be shooting with him.  Getting certain locations on lock down for what we need for the final shots without Brandon is our main hurdle at the moment.  We’ll let you know how that goes as well.  In the mean time, please be sure to check out our FULL CAST and FULL CREW credits pages here on this site, as well as our CONTRIBUTORS and LOCATIONS pages.  With all the recent shoots came a bunch of new cast members, added crew members and awesome new locations.  All of these fine folks and places can be viewed on the mentioned pages.

And, remember, it’s not too late to join the fight!  If you happen to be an actor, crew person or even someone just wanting to lend a hand in some way and be a part of this project, really be sure to check out the credits (links above).  You’ll see many small roles and crew positions listed as TBA (To be announced) or TBD (To be determined).  Generally, TBA means we already have someone we are considering for the position or role.  But it also means nothing is in stone.  We can always use more help on set and behind the scenes!  And we’re in great need of actors, no matter your experience level, to fill in small roles and background for some large scale shoots on the near horizon.  So, if you’re an aspiring actor or crew person, please scroll through the FULL CAST and / or FULL CREW credits to see what’s available and reach out to us HERE if interested.  Don’t be shy!  MAKE IT HAPPEN!



– The one studios crew


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