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The one studios Logo

The one studios Logo

one studios is an independent creative digital media production company specializing in creative digital content for both artistic and commercial purposes.  Our clients hire us to develop media for a wide variety of creative outlets including, but not limited to, filmmaking, TV, video, web, theatre, animation, music and live events.  Basically, if you or your place of business requires digital content, no matter video, audio or graphic-based, one studios can be ofassistance!  For plenty of info on all of one studios’ offered services, please visit the current one studios website.

You can also check out a bunch of our work and highlight reels on our official Vimeo page.  But do note that a brand new one studios site, with tons of awesome content, is on the way!  It is important that our creative vision and passion are represented accurately on the web and in all other advertising arenas.  This new site better demonstrates what we stand for creatively, also bringing the one studios Universe to the present with new tech aesthetics, while further engaging our audiences with current project and company information and media as well.  We’re confident the site will have something for everyone, from basic info on our services, to project highlight reels, to original web series and short films, to tutorials, to helpful production links.

The anticipation to launch and make the new live is almost too much for us to handle.  one studios founder and creative director Bryan Bachar has eaten 150 pounds of chocolate to ease the stress!   🙂

The upcoming site is not a site.  It’s a web experience.  You’re really going to dig it.


one studios & Fight 4 Your Life

Fight 4 Your Life marks the pinnacle of the last decade of hard work by one studios.  We have scraped and clawed away at hundreds of projects, whether our own or working on the productions of others, to gain the skills, network, resources and experience necessary to achieve a project of this size.  It is our first full length feature film we have produced independently or otherwise.  And we’re excited as all hell!

The one studios crew, one studios’ team of dedicated crew members, organizers and talent, is fully dedicated to this venture and is more than thrilled to bring this film to life.  F4YL is not only a huge stepping stone for this growing team of diligent creatives and business people, it is also a project that holds a greater meaning for everyone involved.

We all go through our individual struggles.  Fleet Blackwood’s tale, although a bit fantastic, is not so far fetched.  When the surface of the film is breached to reveal the inner workings behind its scenes, it can be recognized that each of Fleet’s obstacles represent a deeper challenge we all are continually faced with throughout life.  Ahiga’s 9 Principles of Life hold knowledge that every person can reference to aid in their journey to overcome such challenges.


OneMan - Guide to the one studios Universe

OneMan – Guide to the one studios Universe

Creatively Driven Messages

Sure, Fight 4 Your Life is a fictitious movie.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t have a very real and very piercing message.  one studios is dedicated to creating content that not simply entertains, but also leaves its audiences with such an affective message.  It is not our goal to be preachy or look down from a high horse, throwing our personal beliefs & ways of thinking down your throat.  We just aim to address life and its common occurrences and issues that we all deal with in one form or another.  In doing so, hopefully, we’ll provide a catalyst for deeper attention and thought.

Putting that little something extra in our work by way of directing an audience to the existence of something, when done right, is noticed without being noticed.  It’s subliminal in many ways.   It can enhance the entertainment experience, but should never take away from it, for it can be quite deterring to a viewer too.

A good message allows audiences to better connect with what they are viewing on screen or listening to in their headphones.  If we can get them to feel then they will connect.  And if people connect to our work then we know our message can be understood, or, at the very least, recognized.  And recognition is a path to evoke thought.

We want you to be entertained.  But we want you to think!

There is no better creative form to communicate through than filmmaking.  It has the ability to encompass all other methods of art, while executing its main purpose, which is to tell a story.  Through the story a meaning can be revealed, a message unfolded.

The one studios crew sees Fight 4 Your Life as a vehicle to really introduce to viewers our mindset for creatively driven messages.  This mentality isn’t anything new to us, as can be seen when viewing many of our previous works.  But it is an evolving process that we must continue to approve upon.  For it is an ever expanding art form to relay our messages in a way that adds to our works while not distracting our audiences in a negative manner.

More so than any of our past projects, within Fight 4 Your Life lays a connection to every member of the one studios’ team, aka, the one studios crew.  And we hope the same can be said for every movie goer that watches F4YL in the years to come.  If anything, we hope you all walk away not only feeling you enjoyed yourself, but that your mind was engaged as well.

Interested in working with one studios?  Got a media project that needs done?  Just wanna chat?  Holler at us!

You can also reach us via phone at:

650.731.5504    San Francisco / Bay Area

916.287.1604    Sacramento Area


– The one studios crew