Other Talent

For a film like Fight 4 Your Life, a lot of planning and executing is involved, especially when it comes to fight sequences, dance routines and other stunt-intensive action.  We’re lucky to have great people on board that have put together excellent choreography and stunts for the sake of making this film the best it can be.  F4YL is a very physically demanding movie.  So, we thought they should have their own page dedicated to them!

You’ll find that many of our talent listed below have worn multiple hats for Fight 4 Your Life.  Many are also actors in the film.  Others are crew members as well.   So, please be sure to check out the cast and crew pages for more info on these awesome people below, including bios, links to their personal sites and pages and more.  We hope we haven’t made things too confusing…we just like to give everyone their proper dues…something that’s easy to slip up on when you have such a large cast and crew as we do on F4YL.  And, remember, there is also the character page to view to read up on who these awesome peeps help bring to life on screen.

You want to help ensure the tiresome work all of these passionate people put forth is worth their time and efforts?  Please check out the F4YL Funding Campaign page, contribute if possible and, most of all, spread the word!  Power is in numbers.  Let’s work together as a community to make Fight 4 Your Life a success!  Feel free to contact us to discuss more how you can help.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication everyone!


  • Aaron Lord – Fight Stunts (F4YL Short)
  • Brandon “Knowbody” Greathouse – Dance Choreographer (F4YL Short & Feature) / Actor & Dancer (F4YL Short, *Feature Scene Deleted)
  • Brandon Kyle Umipeg – Fight Choreographer / Fight Stunts
  • Chad Shepherd – Fight Choreographer / Trainer
  • Chris Sousa – Fight Stunts
  • Dana Flenoid – Dance Choreographer / Dancer
  • Devon Stump – Fight Stunts
  • Dominic Smith – Dancer
  • Edwin Johnson – Fight Stunts
  • Eliot Kelly – Fight Stunts
  • Gary Shurley – Trainer
  • Ian Hutchinson – Fight Stunts / Aerial Stunts
  • Jabari Timmons – Dancer / Fight Stunts
  • Jared Fong – Fight Stunts
  • Jonathan Calizar – Fight Choreographer / Fight Stunts / Acrobatic Stunts
  • Kendrick Willis – Dancer
  • Kevin Cogburn – Fight Choreographer / Fight Stunts / Acrobatic Stunts / Free Running Stunts (F4YL Short & Feature)
  • Kevin Delong – Fight Choreographer / Fight Stunts
  • Kiara Franklin – Dancer
  • Leslie Srisouvanh – Dancer
  • Marc Gardner – Stunts (F4YL Short) / Fight Choreography Assistant (F4YL Feature)
  • Marissa Morris – Dance Choreographer / Dancer
  • Matt Wilson – Fight Stunts / Stunts
  • Michael Strom – Dancer
  • Mitchell Simmons – Fight Stunts
  • Ralph Mogco – Dancer
  • T.J. Lewis – Dancer / Stunt Double for Mr. Woods
  • Tony “The Tiger” Lopez – Fight Choreographer
  • Zeke Johnston – Fight Stunts
  • Erik “Tex” Hernandez – Fight Stunts
  • Brandon J. Woods – Fight Stunts / Free Running Stunts / Dancer
  • Eric Lawson – Fight Stunts
  • Antonio Mulqueeney – Fight Stunts / Stunts
  • Caleb Duffy – Fight Stunts
  • Kaitlyn Gardner – Fight Stunts
  • Kaveh Rezaie – Fight Stunts
  • Bryan Bachar – Dancer
  • Michael Anderson – Dancer
  • Chris Fickes – Dancer
  • Vincent Kelly – Dancer
  • Morgan Flaharty – Dancer
  • Mark Ludwig – Fight Stunts
  • Charles Marquez – Fight Stunts
  • Branden Chism – Fight Stunts


– The one studios crew