Funding & Contests

Funding is an extremely important part of any project.  We have plenty going on in this area.  And lots more is to come.  If you are interested in contributing to or investing in Fight 4 Your Life, please visit our funding campaign page.  You’ll find more detailed info there, as well as a contact form, which allows you to also make a monetary contribution via PayPal if you would like to do so.

You can also always click on the Contribute button at the bottom of every page and post on this site to make such a contribution.  But there are tons more ways you can contribute other than through money.   So, contact us via our contact page to discuss the many ways you can contribute and join the fight!

In essence of the collaborative spirit of Fight 4 Your Life, one studios also likes to hold contests to involve other artists and the fans/supporters of F4YL.  Be sure to visit any of the occurring contest pages, which will be located below this page in the above navigation menu.  One such contest going on now is the Fight 4 Your Life Soundtrack Contest.  Go here for more info on this jamming contest and how YOU and YOUR MUSIC can be a part of F4YL!

Thanks for your interest, support and participation everyone!


– The one studios crew