Tony “The Tiger” Lopez

3x World Champion Tony “The Tiger” Lopez is a name many people know when it comes to boxing.  A Sacramento native, Tony had a stellar professional boxing career, having had the kind of success all boxers strive for.  Out of the ring, Tony has continued to serve as an example of leadership and professionalism, owning and operating his own business for over a decade now.  Not unlike the character of Tony in F4YL, Tony acts as a role model and community leader.  He has played a key role in Fight 4 Your Life’s success so far, aiding our cast and crew throughout the production process.


When Tony came in to audition, I have to admit, I didn’t know who the hell he was.  I love boxing, but I’m not going to lie and say I follow it closely, although I can definitely see myself doing so more after this production.  All I knew is he was a former boxer who had some acting experience.  It was a funny circumstance really, because I had created the character of Tony “The Tiger” Mercado long before I even met Tony.  So, when he came to the audition and I learned of his name and nickname, I cracked up.  Then, when I saw the personality he possessed, I soon realized it was meant to be.  He was perfect for the role.  He was Tony “The Tiger” Mercado.  

Tony has been a savior when it comes to this production.  Constantly helping the cause, he has spent time training our actors, choreographing fight sequences and pulling strings to get us key locations.  Not only is Tony a huge factor in the success of this film so far, he is also just a good dude.  I am nothing but happy to know him.  Like so many other persons I’ve gotten to know through this process, I look forward to having Tony not only as a colleague, but as a genuine friend, for the years to come.

Bryan Bachar    Director


Taking on the biggest role of his acting career, Tony is elated to be a part of Fight 4 Your Life.  The hours he has put into this project are enormous.  And he knows it will all be worth it in the end.  His professionalism and dedication are highly appreciated.

For more on Tony’s boxing career, Google him!  HERE is a good place to start though.  To visit his bail bonds business website, please go HERE.


– The one studios crew